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David Grant
David Grant is a social worker with a specialized interest in mental health, particularly in the mental and emotional health of Black African Diaspora boys and men. David was the recipient of the Dean's Honour Writing award for his Master of Social Work research paper focusing on reconceptualizing the anger, mental, and emotional health of previously incarcerated Black African Diaspora men in Scarborough, ON. He has since published a journal article on best practices when working with Black fathers in the child welfare, mental health, and education systems while exploring the mental and physical health implications associated with the challenges of being a Black father in Toronto. David recently published a book entitled Shame Over: A Conversation About Men's Mental Health, which focused on helping men of all backgrounds and circumstances heal, acknowledge, and better conceptualize mental illness/distress. David was a TED talk speaker where he explored the prison industrial complex, miseducation of Black boys, anger, White racism in Canada, and the resulting pain and trauma of Black boys and men in Canada. David has facilitated Caring Dads intervention groups, a program that focuses on working with male perpetrators of domestic violence. David has also facilitated Afrocentric parenting groups helping Black African Diaspora parents develop healthy coping behaviors while coping with the effects of racial trauma. David has been featured on various podcasts and has conducted numerous presentations/lectures to universities, churches, school boards including the Durham District School Board, organizations, and child welfare teams on various topics including Black/African history, Black African Diaspora mental and emotional health, Afrocentrism, Black African Diaspora family healing interventions, the psychological effects of oppression, and the social determinants of health.
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